About Us

The company

Testronix Engineering Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in Engineering design and consulting fulfilling projects of all sizes worldwide

The services that we specialize include and are not limited to:

Laser scanning | Dimensional survey | Data processing | LFD generation | True view generation | Revit BIM | Scan to 3D modelling (Primitive and intelligent) | Scan to 2D | 2D layouts to 3D modelling | Isometrics generation | 3D model to 2D layouts | P&ID line walking | Manual site validation | P&ID drafting (PDF to CAD) | P&ID drafting (PDF /CAD to intelligent P&ID) | Line list preparation | Bulk MTO generation | Site assistance at construction stages | Asset management | Technical manpower outsourcing | Detail engineering | All civil and structural designing | All civil and structural analysis | Electrical works.

Testronix Engineering is committed to finding the best solution by providing consistent communication and establishing a relationship that allows us to gain a clear perspective of the needs of our clients. From start to finish, we approach each project understanding the importance of both deadlines and budgets. We are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction for the success of every project.

Our business team Looks forward to connecting with procurement heads, business development heads, general managers to discuss how laser scanning, industrial design, detail engineering and our other services can help companies fast forward their technology adoption.

Our Managing Director

Goodwill is the one word that can best be associated to our managing director Mr. P Venkateshwara Rao, who has been generating it ever since his entry into the field of engineering design in 2012. Having worked across South Asia, the middle east and Europe, he has been building relationships across all ranks and sectors. At the core of this goodwill generating, relationship building, inclusive machinery lies three strong principles learned through experience.

  • Time is priceless and so are on time deliveries
  • Smooth processes with rapid troubleshooting to cut client stress’
  • Inclusiveness breeds knowledge development and exchange

- venkatesh@testronixengineering.com

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Our Team

In order to uphold the principles of our leadership we handpick our team members with most care as quality lies above quantity at Testronix. We are building a company for the decades to come and we take our time in screening our team like we mean it. This includes our technical employees, business associates and vendors too because as we take heavy pride over our hits, we also take total responsibility for our misses and get to troubleshooting immediately.